Thursday, 30 June 2011

Awesome things for the most Awesome day of the week...

I left work early today as I am plagued by little Pacmen (the baddie ones) going to town on my body.
I thought I would do a post about ten things to celebrate today, or just ten awesome things in general as a way of balancing the good (10 awesome things!) with the bad (the nasty little Pacmen). In no particular order at all....

To start with I would like to celebrate my posse for the afternoon.

Lucy's Bed

My beautiful friend Sez who also appears in a previous post the coromondel gastro club, has started her own blog finally and it is great you can check it out here

Step aside Gisele, Erin has taken your place...

Celebrating an awesome gig tonight The Nextmen ... Please oh please let this lemon water and Ester C (watch your pronunciation) be kind to me so I can go.

Discovering this next awesome thing which I use for storing all the inspiring images I come across on blog's I follow be it a picture of a kitchen for my house I'm building (in 20 years), a place that I must visit or just a hot dress, it is either the greatest discovery of the year, or the biggest life sucker out - welcome Pinterest

This one is dependant on your taste of awesome. I decided to recruit the new Brother (soon to be) as my apprentice baker. Brad decided it was hilarious to bake some explicitly shaped biscuits for Nanny and Pops' arrival. Made me laugh but I don't think they realized that they were.

Spot the rude bits.

Add white chocolate to them, yes even better.

The Bucket List! Have you made yours yet? Awesome way to get excited/inspired. Just a few off my extensive list...

Although I haven't been able to see it myself because I have been saving for bigger better things I have seen pictures and videos of walking with dinosaur's from the show at Vector Arena last night and it looked 
amazing. If you get a chance to go, do it as it is at the end of its world tour.

London Bridge - 1600x1200
Previously mentioned bigger & better thing.

Mrs Macs. Mum's home made. Big Ben. Potato Top. Mince & Cheese. Chilli Beef & Cheese. Whichever brand and whatever flavour you prefer, you haven't had a pie until you have a Charlene & Rhi curry chicken pie. If I were to categorize this list of awesome it would be near the top. 

The Chef's


McDelish and lookin' good, pastry art done with the help of some friends.

Last but not least... It's FRIDAY (Hilarious take on that silly song)

Happy Friday Homies

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