Sunday, 29 May 2011

Happy Monday

Happy Monday friends hope you had an awesome one... I feel like I'm talking to no one here... Well Happy Monday Gemma

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Coromandel Gastro Club

Wonderful day with wonderful friends... This is probably the last chance i have to drive around the Coromandel the glorious wonderful beautiful spectacular place i call home.. And clearly proud of it. Mostly just lots of laughs and food... and coffee.

Delish Aztec biscuit with a perfect TFL....

Beautiful Sez... Great company x

On the road... following some interesting travelers, listening to some cheesy pop music.
Wild Pork anyone? Need anything erekted?

First stop an Organic cafe for orgasmic macadamia brittle, then to the world famous in NZ Coroglen Tavern for a Waikato Draught, of course..

Heck of a lot quieter than the usual...
No need for these at this time of year!
Casey Bakery pie anyone?
A delish carrot cake to share nom nom nom.. more TFL
A thoughtful shot... Actually just playing around with the timer... Need a tripod. 
Glorious Kuaotunu Bay... How I'll miss you Coromandel 
Cold windy southerly grrr.. Still smiling though
More food... The Pepper Tree! 
Eggs Bene anyone? Look at that swiiiirl
Not your average Bread and Butter
Thats Me... Where it all started... Well before my time  though.
Thank you ladies you are the best xx

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

First Blog ever?....

Pretty sure Gemma Bright will be the only person to read this blog... So this is to you my friend.

What an absolute shitter of a day huh... Speaking of shitty looking things this is me and you hung as after your kitch cardi parti...