Thursday, 9 June 2011

Bird Poo Biscuits & Rookie Frosting

What a great way to kick of my weekend... Went home early so I could see my Dr. to get my neck fixed (my nerves and muscles are most upset with me for being drunk and irresponsible), it is not fixed it is one of those, wait till it gets worse so we can fix it but keep your fingers and toes crossed it gets better before that happens. OK sure you just give me the drugs to get through this waiting period and I'm OK with that....

Any way... I had a few hours free so i thought I'd do what I am good at. Baked. Baked. Baked.

I made a new speciality, I call, Bird Poo Biscuits. Here's what you do.

Get the following 125g (or more) butter, as much vanilla essence as your heart desires, one chicken egg, and mix. Add to 2 sifted cups of flour and a tsp of baking powder with about 1/2 a cup of cocoa (yum). Add half a cup of chocolate chips of course!

Roll the mixture into little balls then fork them flat-ish then in the over for 10 minutes, for that subway cookie taste don't go oven 10 minutes on 180 degrees, in fact go on be a rebel, try 8 minutes!

Melt a whole bunch of chocolate buttons then proceed to slop them like poo's all over your biscuits.

The result? Bird Poo Cookies:

What is a bird poo biscuit without some muffins right?...

Easy peasey you get your dry ingredients (sifted of course) 1 1/2 of flour, tsp baking powder - Your moist ingrediants 50g softened butter, egg, 1/2 cup of brown sugar and then on the side 3/4 cup of milk with half a tsp baking soda... And mix them all about. Trick with fluffy muffins is not to mix the batter too much... I'm not saying mine will come out fluffy though.

Anywhoo put a little bit in your silicone bake wear or metal if that's how you roll put in 4 white choc buttons if you have any left from the poos biscuits then put more mixture on top sprinkle with chocolate chips that I forgot to tell you you need. In the over 200degrees for 15 minutes! Boom!

As for the frosting (well I made waaay to much, the remaining is clogging the sink as we speak) heapso butter, heapso icing sugar, heapso vanilla essence, get out your wand plug in it and mix it! Or your hand beater if that's all you have...


See you soon for some NZNTM Jess and Jared hope your hungry xxx

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  1. firstly: YUM, Secondly: who would of thought you would make birdy bikkies. :-) I hope there's some leftover. xx