Sunday, 18 December 2011

Christmas came a little early in London Town...

There is nothing like getting good people together for good food, drinks and good banter. Jo and Ben thought they would host a pre Christmas, Christmas as we won't all be together on Christmas day.

Although it wasn't white out side we have had a bit of snow during the week, Londoners were calling it sleet and tell you to, 'wait till it really snows then you will be wishing it didn't'... I told them to please stop ruining my buzz. I was very excited at the first site of falling snow in a city...

Benjamin working his magic
As per usual with celebrations there is always too much food and not enough stomach space. I had been anticipating Ben Brights roast since little sissy Gemma had told me about them, and seeing that I eat and enjoy roasts since I have moved to London (actually since my awesome boyfriend cooked the best roast in the world and converted me!) I was most impressed with the spread... Not to mention the masses of deserts.

Lucky we are in London in winter and it is acceptable to eat 5000 calories in a sitting because the woolie jumpers allow it!

We did have cutlery

Gemma putting her guns into it..

Katie's turn for a work out, before fishing out the missing screw in the  cream

What a beautiful pav care of Katie Wilson

Can't forget Roys chockie pud just like you buy in the shops!

This being the highlight of my day, after seeing all the secret Santas prezzies waiting to be opened of course. JETPLANES... Thanks Roy, and ah Roy's sister for sending them.

Awesome way to spend a Sunday. Sorry about the lack of good photos, I left my camera at home so was stealing Kellys phone (Thanks Kells!) every five minutes to get snap happy just for you to all see.

Night Night from chilly dark but still awesome, London!



  1. glorious! and what a delightful pav! xx I wish my chirssy decorartions could make it tp you in time.