Saturday, 1 September 2012


With summer being a big fat disappointment in London, Portugal could have been terrible and so long as their was sunshine I would have loved it.

It wasn't terrible at all, it was amazing and if you can get to Portugal ever, then get there! In all hindsight if I'd known how much I loved Lagos I wouldn't have spent my first day in Faro.

Here is how it went...

Some Church in Faro

We flew from London, Stansted into Faro and arrived about half 11pm. After a long day we were both shattered so hit the hard beds in our hostel.

We were up early to get as much into our three days in Portugal as possible. First stop was fueling up. Everyone in this country seems to sleep in till about 11am so we spent a while wandering the old town and decided on cakes for breakfast as none of the chefs were at work yet.

A bus took us to the beach in Faro and I witnessed my first topless sunbather, she was about 65 but she was rocking out with her... Boobs out! This is completely normal for Portugal but if you are a guy rest easy knowing that there are also plenty of young fake breasts to rate as well.

First beer opened before midday, it was already hot so a crispy cold 1pound 50 Super Bock was perfect!

Super Bock goodness!
Faro Beach
Happy to finally be on the beach
View of Faro town from near the beach
Waiting for the bus from the beach back into Faro
Bus aren't as frequent as London that's for sure
Enjoying more Super Bock in Faro
What else is there to do in 30+ heat...

We spent the day on the beach drinking and enjoying the Vitamin D injection then caught the bus to Lagos... The two and a half hour bus ride that is! Good time to get a nap and see the country side though.

We arrived at our hostel JJ's Yard, I highly recommend staying here if you don't mind the Aussies and quite like your nights out! By the time J had given us the low down on Lagos (little bit unnecessary as Dom was already experienced on that topic) it was 10pm and we were starved. We searched out a local restaurant for  delicious fresh seafood for dinner... I nearly fell asleep face in my plate, no partying this night... Guess its been a while since I've spent a day in the sun and forgot what it takes out of you.

Sunday morning, finally I get to go to the beaches I have been Google imaging for the past 3 months! Not before an epic and massive 4euro breakfast at Odeon cafe (another must do if you find yourself in Lagos).

Odeon Cafe... Don't miss it
Watching some quality Family Guy at breakfast
He loves travelling with me, he always gets 1/2 my breaky

 Beach after beach all along this beautiful coast each one closed in by these massive orange cliffs. Pretty much the beaches in Lagos are like some West Auckland beaches shot on Instagram! The water is blue & clear, the sand is soft and sun is hot, so easy to loose your self and sense of time here.

One of the many of these beaches
A bridge across the clifftops
I was impressed with this beach little did I know they got better
View from the top
Our beach for the day
Dom exploring the cave
At the top of the beaches

After a many hours baking in the sun we walked along the cliffs a couple of kms towards the bar at the end where we sat and enjoyed the views... and the beers.

Pit stop along the way...

With a beer of course
At the bar at the end of the peninsula still smiling after walking there

We followed the road back into town and went back down to one of the beaches a bit closer with a bar and awaited the happy hours Mojitos.

Happy Mojito Hour Everyone
Loving bars by the beach

Lagos town reminds me a lot of the towns we visited in Croatia, smaller though and some what friendlier, plus Portugal is only a 2.5 hour flight compared to the 4+ over to Croatia.

Conveniently our friends who were also travelling Portugal were staying the Sunday night in the same hostel as us so after some take away Pizza for dinner in the Square with some local kids for entertainment, we went to meet up with them for bad cocktails and nasty shots, on the up side, cheap beers!

Cabonara Pizza, yumm
Such good Pizza from Luigi

 For all the dizzy spells I had the night before I surprisingly woke up without a hangover! Another epic breakfast (nothing on Odean though really) at a place called The Independent then we were off to get as much sun as possible.

Melancholy kicks in as we board another long bus ride back to Faro to catch our flight home... Except the flight is delayed as the plane going to Ireland was faulty so Ryanir gave them ours and we had to wait for one to come in so we could get home... Finally back in my bed after 4am. Exhausted but tanned.

Finally on the plane! A very sleepy Dom.

I can see how people that are traveling get stuck in Lagos, perhaps an option on the way back home next year?..... But then I might not make it home.

Until next time Lagos.

With Love x

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